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The 2020/2021 COVID pandemic has hit the economy incredibly hard and more and more businesses are realising that in order to survive, they need to double down on operational efficiency, a solid digital relationship with their customers and enabling their team to succeed at peak performance. We love to help. With hands-on analysis, insights and software development. It's what we've always done, but now, more than ever, it's relevant for every business.

Latest news

20 years of Himschoot Consulting!

Where have these past 20 years gone? Himschoot Consulting officially appeared in front of a notary on July 27, 2001 and the registration was published in the Belgian national Gazette on August 1, 2021. Hip hip hooray!

Stability in 2020

The corona-pandemic was (and is) a challenge for us all, but the impact to our business was as expected. Luckily, we're location independent and so are our colleagues. 2020 also brought a new hardware project that we're in the last phases of completing.

Sustained growth in 2019

Three years in a row of growth in a competitive environment and a globally declining market, proving that the products and services we offer are in high demand. We're looking at 2020 as a year to diversify and put into operation planned projects, rethink existing agreements and a deeper focus on embedded software.

Fiscal year 2018 closed

By cutting costs and offering new services, most notably the new library for payment processing, we've closed fiscal year 2018 with clean and good numbers. We're halfway down fiscal year 2019 by now and it's annoucing itself even better, mainly because of the additional FTE.

Himschoot Consulting develops platform to serve IDAT asset tagging and management

Half a year in the making, the first working version of the IDAT platform is about to make its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2017 aboard several superyachts. Leading shipyards have been visited in the spring and will be invited to follow up the development of the platform.

Himschoot Consulting delivers two native iPhone apps to e3 systems, Palma

After completing a first, internal native iPhone app to the sales team of e3, we've spent the last couple of weeks developing a hybrid client-facing app for both iPhone and iPad called 'my e3'. Set to launch before the summer, the app allows customers to see the subscriptions they have with e3 and check daily usage statistics, vital in keeping costs down and performance up. It also provides a gateway to e3's accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics, where the customer can see recent invoices and their paystatus. They can even perform payment on sales orders and quotes online.

Himschoot Consulting celebrates 15 year anniversary in 2016!

This summer will mark 15 years since we founded our company. Much has changed since we started but the core values remain the same: provide technology to help ideas grow and prosper. We are planning to celebrate accordingly and thank the many partners and companies we've been privileged to work with. The future couldn't be brighter: the company is doing well and the outlook is very, very bright.

New office in Monaco!

We've moved offices in Monaco. We left the Boulevard d'Italie behind and moved to the centre of Fontvieille, to the Rue du Gabian no 2. Although it's 600 meters from the closest Starbucks, the new facility has a faster uplink (1gbps, and very reliable) and much better quality of offices. 11/3/2016

Major growth in Payment API, in partnership with Sea ID

The Payment API we develop together with partner Sea ID has grown tremendously - as much as 80% - in early 2016: new functionality and improved control through new API calls has been added, commissions are improving and we are now multi-currency and multi-brand. We see this part of our business grow even further in the near future. 1/3/2016

Jeppesen (Boeing) funds Crowd Sourced Bathymetry project with HC and partner Sea ID

An undisclosed funding injection from Jeppesen (part of Boeing) today will help grow the CSB project that we are scaling worldwide. Details to follow. 10/3/2015

Renewing end broadening relations with E3 Systems Group, Mallorca

After two years of intense collaboration with E3 Systems Group in Mallorca, today we've renewed and intensified our relation with them to further develop services and automation throughout 2015 and 2016. E3 plans to grow in key areas and we believe in the story they are writing. Our combined efforts will make a result that is greater than the sum of the parts.
We'd like to stress that the interactions with E3 have been nothing but positive and would like to thank the whole team there, and especially Group Managing Director Roger Horner in Palma and our principal lead contact Maribel Espallardo in Brooklyn New York for the past two years. Long may it continue. 6/2/2015

Successful completion of phase one of the CONNECT billing platform (CBP) with E3 Systems Group, Mallorca

The core of the CBP has been successfully delivered and draws very positive reactions. "Beyond expectations at this stage of development" and "part of the DNA of the group" to name only a few. Over the course of the next couple of months, optimisation of the solution and expansion into CRM and ERP are planned. The CBP interfaces with an in-house Microsoft Dynamics Navision platform, Active Directory authentication and a client portal through a custom JSON/XML API. Himschoot Consulting has been heavily invested in the development of the platform since late September 2012. We couldn't be happier with the work we've been able to deliver to E3 and can be genuinely proud of the impact this will have on their business. 2/9/2013

Crowd Sourced Bathymetry and GPS hardening projects with Sea-ID and the University of Texas in Austin

We have started two projects to deliver results by the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2013 regarding bathymetry aboard superyachts and GPS hardening. There will be a full information pack available soon. Together with long-term partner Sea-ID Ltd we are developing new technology to support these projects, in a combination of hardware and software. First tests started mid-March and show tremendous potential.

Himschoot Consulting provides CONNECT billing platform to E3 Systems Group in Mallorca

E3 Systems Group, headquartered on the beautiful Baleare island of Mallorca signs with Himschoot Consulting through its partner EMS Ltd. to develop a new airtime billing platform that will enable E3 to grow this key part of their business in the coming years. Himschoot Consulting's expertise in billing and financial management platforms provides a good basis for this long-term alliance. The project is not limited to a purely technical solution but builds key infrastructure that supports the strategy of the whole CONNECT product line (Mobile, VSAT, Inmarsat, SkyTV, ...).

Online Certification platform with Sea-ID Ltd., Nevis, Bahamas

The Professional Yachting Association confirmed its commitment to Sea-ID Ltd. to having a certification and billing platform developed for its ICTC program (Interior Crew Training and Certification). Sea-ID Ltd. and Himschoot Consulting have partnered to supply this solution in time for the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2012. The certification platform will after the initial launch be opened up to support all certificates held by mariners and assets in the marine industry. Sea-ID has initiated trials with several training providers and institutes for an alpha version launch during the summer of 2012.

Focus on 4G with EMS Ltd., Bournemouth, U.K.

Identified as a tremendous area for growth in 2012 and 2013, 4G solutions for large yachts that roam internationally are in incredible demand. EMS Ltd. and Himschoot Consulting are committed to deliver a state of the art solution by the end of 2012 with VPN channel bundling and global IP coverage as an add-on monthly option. After the success of the BOSS-system we developed for Global Marine Communications (VSAT provider), this 4G focus demonstrates the will of our group to deliver the very best services to the superyacht industry.